Client: Rosti McKechnie Ltd

Value: £1.2M 

Location: Pickering, North Yorkshire


This project at Rosti McKechnie, Pickering, comprised the construction of a warehouse extension to house a new paintshop including two large two metre deep pits to house equipment below floor level.

The pits were constructed from reinforced concrete and were cast insitu below the ground water table. Twenty four hour pumping was employed to reduce the ground water level below the excavation whilst the pits were excavated, reinforced, and cast.


The new paintshop building was an extension of an existing building and as a result had to be tied back into the existing steel frame and tied into the existing floor slab whilst keeping the existing building operational. The impact on the existing building was assessed and additional purlins were installed within the existing building to mitigate the additional snow loading caused by the new paintshop. A portalised bay was retrofitted to the existing building to allow a bay of existing vertical bracing to be removed to create additional access into the extension.

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